Archival survival: how to future-proof your digital records

Digital ArchivePeople have been creating digital records since the late 1980s, and archivists have been thinking about how to manage and preserve these records ever since. While there are still technical hurdles to overcome, there are some simple steps that can be taken to keep your digital records – photographs, films, word documents, emails – protected now and into the future. Continue reading

Is finding the right file like looking for a needle in a haystack?

Do you ever look with despair at the overflowing paper records in your office, store rooms, cupboards and filing cabinets? Do you tear your hair out looking for that important document that you know should be somewhere or attached to an email from someone-or-other? Trust me, you’re not alone! When faced with this challenge, many of us choose to shut the door, close the cupboard or turn off the computer, but it’s my mission to help you avoid falling into this trap. Read on to find out how to tackle your records haystack.

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