Taking up the Te Reo challenge

Kia ora. It’s Maori Language Week this week, so when you turn on the TV, listen to the radio, visit your local library, or do any number of other things in the community, you’ll see Kiwis giving Te Reo a go.

This year’s theme “Whāngaihia te reo Māori ki ngā mātua”: helping parents to pass Te Reo on to their children, is very close to my heart. By virtue of my husband’s heritage, our children are of Maori descent, but as neither Les or I speak Te Reo, the kids’ Maori language skills are limited to what they learn at school. In this sense, I guess we are not a lot different from many other Kiwi families. Continue reading

Hello World!

The Presbyterian Church has had many incarnations of publications for church leaders: For Ministers Only (1949 – 1957) if you can remember back that far! And then it was Forum which was published from circa 1958-1987, and most recently we have had Candour, which, since 1991, has been a printed (and more latterly online) magazine for Presbyterian ministers and church leaders. As of June 2015, we usher in a new era, with the new Candour blog! Continue reading