Being Matters

I’ve never seen a mountain be anything but a mountain, a river a river, and the sea, the sea. A mountain, a river and the sea cannot be unfaithful to their creation. They cannot be anything more or less than they are.

I’ve been told, “Be yourself,” but, do you know how hard that is? I think you do. There are a thousand voices inside and out calling you to “do this, do that and the other”. Of all creation, you and I have a choice to be, the “me-ness” of me, and the “you-ness” of you. Continue reading

Monuments, management and movements

Welcome to the Candour blog. In this format I will have less to say and invite more interaction and conversation around the ideas expressed.

The first task of leadership is to define reality, but what reality are we defining?

As I travel around the Church I’m finding there are three different understandings of time that are shaping the reality (realities) we live in. This is what makes planning for the future so difficult. It is a bit like being lost and asking an Irishman for directions: “if I were you, I wouldn’t get there starting from here”. Continue reading


I’ve been thinking about posture. My posture. The Church’s posture. I hear the call of Jesus to live humbly, graciously, thankfully, servant-like – no more than servant-like – as servants. I am trying to attend to my posture.

I don’t think anyone owes me anything. I am not entitled to anything. This isn’t about me – life, the day dawning, my ministry, even my salvation. This is all gift. No one owes me a living – not society, not the Church, not God. The Church does not exist to support me as a minister (sometimes I see behaviours that suggest otherwise). For goodness sake, if one day I need to go and get a job that provides me with an income so that I can minister in the Church, that’s fine! Continue reading