Intergenerational Leadership: “It takes a village…” – Murray Brown

Murray Brown is the youth pastor at St Albans in Palmerston North

Most of this know the ending to this old African proverb: “…to raise a child.”

There is more than an element of truth to this saying when it comes to discipling young people in our churches.

Recently I sat outside a café with an experienced youth worker who confessed their greatest failing in youth ministry. This was not a moral failing, a leadership bungle or even a programme that fell flat on its face – he said to me: “I wish I’d recruited more than just young adults to assist me in leading the youth ministry”. Continue reading

Seven ways to keep hold of your youth leader

We’ve all heard of, or seen, examples of youth leader burn-out. If we hope to reach the current generation of young people, leaders that last the distance are an absolute necessity. Quite simply, it takes time to build the trust that leads to effective ministry. If your church follows these 7 practices, it will be a significant step towards developing sustainable youth ministry and leader longevity. Continue reading