Looking to the future – Simon McLeay

Simon is Senior Minister at St Peters in the City in Tauranga

I’m convinced that God has a good future for his Church.  I see signs of life and health in many churches.  I also wonder whether it is time for us to move away from a “one size fits all’ mentality when it comes to ministry.  I’m currently doing some study leave and looking at the leadership styles required for different sized churches.  Continue reading

Proud to be a Presbyterian – Simon Mcleay

Simon is senior minister at St Peter’s Tauranga

I often hear people complaining about ‘Assembly’, or about the way that Presbyterians ‘Debate’.  I want to stand up and be counted, I want to shout from the roof-tops that Presbyterian Style is best!  It is a style of democratic participation that harnesses the best of many people and balances the excesses of the few; we believe that the Holy Spirit speaks through the people discerning together.  Our system grew Continue reading