Election Series: Inequality is a top election issue

Paul Barber is a Policy Advisor with the NZ Council of Christian Social Services (nzccss.org.nz) which is the national network of the social services of the Anglican, Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian and The Salvation Army churches. NZCCSS is one of the 37 groups in the Equality Network (equalitynetwork.org.nz) sharing a vision for a more equal country for everyone.  

Inequality and poverty, along with housing, are the top areas of concern for New Zealanders right now (see Roy Morgan poll http://nzccss.org.nz/news/2017/04/election-issues-2017-housing-inequality/ ). If churches remain silent on this issue, if we do not talk about these issues in our communities, then the church is simply declaring itself uninterested in the central problems in our community. Continue reading