Please Be Political… by Richard Dawson

Richard is the current Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Aotearoa New Zealand

Politics is the ultimate expression of the fact that we have to exist with people who don’t think like us. Derived from the Greek polos – meaning ‘people’ – politics is the art and, perhaps, science of being a people – being together. Every expression of politics is basically a reaction to this fact. Continue reading

Review: The Emotionally Healthy Church

The Emotionally Healthy Church: Updates and Expanded Edition: A Strategy for Discipleship That Actually Changes Lives. By Peter Scazzero

Reviewed by Richard Dawson

Peter and Geri Scazzero founded a church in the poorest part of Queens, New York 26 years ago. They were then and still are committed to a vision of the church which was both multicultural and active amongst the poor and dispossessed. Today that Church is made up of people from 73 different countries and is pastored by Rich Villodas of Hispanic heritage.

After working incredibly hard to establish the church Peter and Geri went through a huge crisis of faith in the mid 90’s because of the demands they had placed on themselves to ‘make this church work.’ In short they’d worked themselves to a standstill Continue reading