Prayer for All Saints Day – Robert Simpson

Robert is a retired minister in Christchurch

we thank you that we not only have You surrounding us,
enveloping us in Your love and enabling power,
but that we also have a great cloud of witnesses
packed into the heavenly stadium,
encouraging us by our remembrance of their lives
here on earth.

We know some of those who now cheer us on.
We recall past members of our own family –
those who, by virtue of age or accident
have now entered into Your presence.

These friends have moved ahead of us,
but the very threads of their friendship
continue to bless us.

Others, we know only by repute,
those whose lives we’ve read about –
those who’ve caught our imagination by their exploits –
those who were closely entwined by the events of scripture.

The majority we do not know, but we thank You
that they have entered their rest,
obtained their prize
and have entered heaven’s citizenship.

We pray that, with such an example,
we will know the same faithfulness in our lives,
maintaining the fellowship of the saints.  Amen.