A Letter – Robert Simpson

Dear colleagues,

 Do you remember Easter? – where churches have had a look at what Jesus Christ has done, is doing and will do for us in the future. Some of us have received holy communion, remembering his death “till he comes”.

 However, in searching television channels and the computer’s Stuff, delving into daily newspapers I have only found many advertisements for Easter chocolate eggs and bunnies and competitions for those entities. There is absolutely nothing about our Saviour the founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ.

 The NZ media are careful. When there is Christian news that is worthy of recognition, they get around it by honing-in on what various churches have achieved or concerned people have done or have articles relating to some historical findings that has very little to do with us.

And when there is news, like hundreds being saved by Jesus Christ in Middle Eastern Muslim countries (See Shine TV Christian World Service), they do not comment on it.

Further, the media disregard that particular churches are bulging at the seams and people are being added from our local communities.

 In other words, they ignore what the gospel is doing in our midst and are fearful of making Jesus Christ as outstanding “good news”!

 I imagine that the media management have issued strong instructions regarding the general public and obviously have to provide for all.

Some time ago, I developed Clinical Depression, treated by ECT, followed by a severe Stroke. This removed my facilities including speech, a terrible thing for a preacher of the gospel! Over the years, I relearned to use my computer and wrote books about the graciousness of Jesus Christ to me. I have dispatched many letters to The Press including some to Parliament, keeping them on their toes! In 2018 I see a whole host of spiritual work and practical outcomings before me – items that are unrecognized, disregarded or considered too fanciful.

It leaves me with this – not only at Easter or Pentecost nor Christmas but all through the years, we must get back to our core. In the words of the New Testament, make the world sit up (or our local community) to take notice that Jesus Christ is here and there, both spiritually and practically.

Thus, we are people who go “outside of the square”. If there is something that gets in our way them make alternative choices. Inveigle them to see that Jesus Christ is relevant, not only in our church services but outside to others in our community, nation and world.

I have a vision that all media will begin to sit up and take notice as they get hundreds of letters telling them of these God’s work in their lives.

 What have I been doing? I’ve been writing letters to The Press. I’ve posted thousands of Christian bookmarks to people. I have a small booklet “Inside Outside, A Story of Depression, Stroke and Freedom” which I give away. Sometimes I hear of the helpful results at that small contribution and am amazed.

Yours faithfully,
Robert Simpson, Christchurch

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