The human life of Jesus – John C England

Some notes from recent writings and research prepared by Rev Dr John C England of Christchurch.

Preachers and evangelists seem to be most often concerned with how different and how ‘divine’ Jesus was. Yet, without the sheer quality of his humanity and his astounding human life there would be no Christian movement at all. The whole Christian revelation was determined by that human life, Continue reading

Angles on Preaching IV: The Whisper of God on the outer fringes – Geoff New

Rev Dr Geoff New is Dean of Studies at the Knox Centre for Ministry & Leadership and is based in Dunedin.  He has a particular passion for preaching and has been a director in the Kiwi-Made Preaching organisation since 2012.

By chapter twenty-six in the Book of Job, Job is coming to the end of his argument and defence to his friends. He is running out of words, energy and patience – even though the ‘patience of Job’ is proverbial. And here in Job 26, there is a sublime and succinct summary of the work of God in creation. In nine verses (vv 5-13), Job surveys the power of God in dealing with death, destruction, the vastness of space, the mystery of earth hanging in space, the science of cloud formation, the establishment of horizons, the relationship between light and darkness, and the harnessing of monstrous sea creatures.
All this is but a glimpse of a day-in-the-life-of-God. Continue reading