The Rhythm of Light’s Disappearance – Martin Stewart

The Rhythm of Light’s Disappearance


each month for three nights the moon disappears
a darkness comes over to envelope us

this interval of no light has a rhythm
this time is not one to fear

touch what comes to greet you
grasp what has dared to appear
embrace what has once been avoided

For a faith that endures is a faith that engages

even on those nights of no moon
the moon is still there
it is only we who behave
as if the lack of reflection means an absence

Ecclesiastical Memes I – Darryl Tempero

Darryl is the Mission Coach for Alpine Presbytery and Minister of Kiwi Church, a new-ish congregation in Christchurch

It’s time to change our language folks.

I have 3 teenage boys, which means I feel like I am constantly learning a new language.  Their world is so different to mine. To communicate I need to learn their language, like any cross-cultural relationships.

I thought I was fairly young and hip in my approach to life, until I had to get my lads to explain to me what a “meme” was.  Then later I had to get them to explain it to me again.  Continue reading