Coming to our senses: the spirituality of wine

What better way to start the New Year than with wine? 

For the first time, Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership is taking its inaugural lecture on the road. Instead of just being available in Dunedin, the lecture will also be given in Auckland and Wellington. And for the lucky folks attending either of the last two events –
Auckland or Wellington – you will not only be able to partake of the lecture, but also a wine tasting.

Author and researcher, Dr. Gisela Kreglinger, is taking the lecture which will be a unique blend of talk and tasting. Participants will sample wines, learn about the Biblical history and spiritual significance of wine, and explore whether wine can be taken seriously as part of a recovery of the senses in Christian spirituality.

Dates, venues and costs are available on our website: Spirituality of wine public lectures

NB: Dr Kreglinger is also leading a series of workshops on Creation and holistic Christian living while in New Zealand. Check out more information on these by clicking on the above link.