Generally Assembling #4

Well you know this old church can be beautiful but she can also be a prickly bag of horseshit.
Let me not be the purveyor of the Assembly’s decisions, other media will attend to that.
But I will say this, hitting each other with sharp or blunt instruments diminishes us, divides us, and distracts us, and it is the 30th anniversary of our wielding the weaponry and I’m hearing the Prince of Peace saying ‘Put away your swords!’

In summary:
I refuse to be distracted from the beauty.
I’ve continued talking to people.  I’m meeting all kinds of people, some as if for the first time, and it is a feast!  A feast of listening, enjoying, discovering, communing…
I’m having a ball.

Added to that, the beautifully crafted opening worship curated by Malcolm Gordon.

Added to that, over the last two days I think I have witnessed the most ably led presentation and discussion by the leaders presenting the Beneficiary Fund changes, and the overwhelming yes to the proposals today is because of their fine work in many ways and over many months.  A work of art around potentially tricky potholes!

Added to that, the second installment by Dr Rod Wilson was rich and confronting, and the power of lament with its call to embrace darkness as a friend (Psalm 88) was very well articulated.  It was helpful to hear Rod identify that it is often difficult to see hope at a first glance when looking at the church of today, and our anguish at how hard it is to do and be church these days can blind us to hope.

Added to that, I had a lovely evening hanging out with some of our younger ministers, and getting to know some of the ones who I had only seen from a distance, was an added bonus.  I count it a privilege to work to make room for these gifted people to be given the reigns of our church as soon as is possible.  My generation and those older are clinging too tightly to the machine and its controls, and it is harming our life.  Brendan McRae has become a good friend this year, he hosted us in the basement of his home with its 70’s vibe and the host was dressed appropriately…take a look at this crazy man!

In anticipation:
It feels like the Assembly is almost done.  The Business Workgroup might disagree but the agenda was always light and now it is almost see-through.  Do the right thing team, get all the business done on Friday so that we can sleep in on Saturday!  As Dolly would sing if she could see what I see, “Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, please don’t stretch it out, just because you can!”

But give me more of these people, I’m loving it!