To Bless and to Curse – by Martin Stewart

I was thinking recently about some of the people I struggle with and to what degree my struggle with them is about me.  They are, of course, complete and utter idiots – whereas I am not.  Actually, they are not such things any more or less than I am, but my dismissal of them is expressed in a tone of self-righteousness .  It is a tone of cursing.
I have been reading some of John O’Donohue’s writings this year.  He has written books of blessings.  It is like he learned to see and speak in only one way, that of lifting people up and seeing the light about him and them.

I came up with these words…

Blessings & Curses
Let us be careful with our words, our thoughts, our judgements.

To bless is to lay aside any sense
that we have the right to hold anything over anyone.
We give out to the possibility of things
and trust these kind thoughts to the wind.

To curse is to assume a knowledge of things
that are, in truth, mostly a mystery to us.
We simply do not know whether our pronouncements
are based on a steady eye and a fully attuned ear,
or whether they are based on our fears and misconceptions.

A blessing assumes a door already open
to the surprising possibilities of grace.
But a curse slams the door closed
and reveals that the perpetrator of it
is unwilling to even imagine that one can walk on water.