Good Friday

I wrote the following poem after preparing a reflection for the Easter chapel service at St Andrew’s College.  It ended up at the end of the reflection.  I am keen to encourage poems and reflections and prayers to be part of the Candour resource.  So many of us are using our imaginations week by week and the outcome of what we develop tends to get one outing before being shelved.  I offer this by way of encouragement!  Please feel welcome to begin a conversation by sending some of your writing… martin(at)

A painting I first encountered as an 18 year old prompted me to reflect on the face of Christ and the various faces I wear and have worn.  The painting is Jesus Bearing The Cross by Hieronymus Bosch (1515 or so).  The face of Christ is of a man at peace deep within despite what is happening to him.  You can glance at it here:

I want a face that reveals
I want a face that reveals
what is going on inside me.
It is not that I want to show off
the speed of my understanding
For most of my understandings
have taken so much time to sink in
that the face I wore at the time
I first heard any revelation
is long forgotten.

Nor is it because I am now
so happy with what is inside me
that the beauty of what lies within
will radiate all the loveliness
of my soul at peace.

No, I want a face that reveals
that fear no longer dominates.

I want a face that reveals
openness to the wind
confidence in the light
ease with my neighbour
forgiveness of those who would harm me
a posture of delight in the possibility of things…

A face so free,
that I can be courageous
even when descending into a mess.

martin stewart

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