Christmas Greeting


It is Christmas week.

You know this!

My word, do you know this!

This is a little message to the ministers of ‘the Word made flesh dwelling among us’ as Christmas looms.  Kia kaha!  Be strong!  The year-end is nigh!

If you are like me, the business of finding the right words is still in mid-flight. I am conscious of the weight that is on we minister’s shoulders each Christmas season.  The weight of pitching an appropriate message into the commotion of the squished-up end of year/Christmas/holiday season with all of its distractions and hurdles. The weight of attending to the pool of people who gather week by week and sharing an enlightening word about the tabernacling of the Lord of Light, as well as attending to those whose coming by is (self) restricted to occasional festive appearances.  We have a wonderful opportunity to provoke something – an evangelistic opportunity even – yet also the responsibility to keep it light and invitational and free of judgement (they have, after all, come by – why hit them for that?)!  No pressure!

An element of the weight is the sheer exhaustion many us experience as the year ends.  These days I arrive at the year’s end quite shattered… the complexities of the hats I wear in this glorious vocation are both energising and energy-sapping.  Yet somehow I must draw from the well of creativity one last week before the pressure goes off.  Jesus seems to meet us at the well… have you noticed?  Though there is a Sunday two days after Christmas…it should be banned!

I am fortunate to work in a team context thus carrying the load at Christmas is shared.  But I know from previous years what it is like to be ‘it’.  I wish you all well.  May words drop from the sky.  May the delight of God energise you.  May the promise of a lazy summer beckon you and rest you, afterwards!

And, if you get a moment of inspiration, why not write something for Candour?

I have picked up the editorship of this blog and thus taken on the job of scrounger.  An idea that has popped by is us finding words that acknowledge those in the ministry who have inspired/mentored/encouraged our ministries.  My working title for this is ‘Leg Up’.  What if you were to find a moment over the summer to write of one of the faithful departed who provided you with that encouragement?

You can email me at and make by 2016 easy!

God bless you and your loved ones who bear you in this crazy season!

Martin Stewart