Archival survival: how to future-proof your digital records

Digital ArchivePeople have been creating digital records since the late 1980s, and archivists have been thinking about how to manage and preserve these records ever since. While there are still technical hurdles to overcome, there are some simple steps that can be taken to keep your digital records – photographs, films, word documents, emails – protected now and into the future. Continue reading

Being Matters

I’ve never seen a mountain be anything but a mountain, a river a river, and the sea, the sea. A mountain, a river and the sea cannot be unfaithful to their creation. They cannot be anything more or less than they are.

I’ve been told, “Be yourself,” but, do you know how hard that is? I think you do. There are a thousand voices inside and out calling you to “do this, do that and the other”. Of all creation, you and I have a choice to be, the “me-ness” of me, and the “you-ness” of you. Continue reading