Retirement – a personal conversation in expanding beyond “ministry”

A keen church member asked me recently, “What are you doing now that you have retired and finished your ministry?” Really? Finished ministry! How have we managed as Christians, and I suspect particularly in our mainline churches, to either teach or model “ministry” as something a minister does? Have we devalued ministry to the minority of Christians who have been ordained to the ministry of Word and Sacrament? Continue reading

Friendship before serving

When you’re down and troubled and need a helping hand and nothing is going right…

You and I need a friend. In the matters of every day, friends matter. A friend – one you can count on, who will “be there” and most of all who will hold out a welcome hand.

Friends are amazing because at the core of friendship is choice. You choose to friend and to be friended. It is the ultimate voluntary relationship. You can walk in or out of it as you please, unlike marriage and family that are complicated by contract and blood. Continue reading