Taking up the Te Reo challenge

Kia ora. It’s Maori Language Week this week, so when you turn on the TV, listen to the radio, visit your local library, or do any number of other things in the community, you’ll see Kiwis giving Te Reo a go.

This year’s theme “Whāngaihia te reo Māori ki ngā mātua”: helping parents to pass Te Reo on to their children, is very close to my heart. By virtue of my husband’s heritage, our children are of Maori descent, but as neither Les or I speak Te Reo, the kids’ Maori language skills are limited to what they learn at school. In this sense, I guess we are not a lot different from many other Kiwi families. Continue reading

Seven ways to keep hold of your youth leader

We’ve all heard of, or seen, examples of youth leader burn-out. If we hope to reach the current generation of young people, leaders that last the distance are an absolute necessity. Quite simply, it takes time to build the trust that leads to effective ministry. If your church follows these 7 practices, it will be a significant step towards developing sustainable youth ministry and leader longevity. Continue reading

Is finding the right file like looking for a needle in a haystack?

Do you ever look with despair at the overflowing paper records in your office, store rooms, cupboards and filing cabinets? Do you tear your hair out looking for that important document that you know should be somewhere or attached to an email from someone-or-other? Trust me, you’re not alone! When faced with this challenge, many of us choose to shut the door, close the cupboard or turn off the computer, but it’s my mission to help you avoid falling into this trap. Read on to find out how to tackle your records haystack.

Continue reading

Being real

I noticed that our Moderator Andrew Norton made a few comments in his recent White Paper about ministers being more “professional”. I agree with his lament that our systems are somewhat hit-and-miss when it comes ministers growing and developing in their roles.

One thing I’ve been trying to understand is what is going on with the people who don’t get what I’m on about. Is their issue with the message I am conveying, or is their issue with me and my style?

I have been accused of a number of things in my years of ministry… arrogance, flippancy, laziness, lack of focus, lack of stickability, inconsistency, holding back, not holding back, not listening, impatience… and much more. Continue reading

Monuments, management and movements

Welcome to the Candour blog. In this format I will have less to say and invite more interaction and conversation around the ideas expressed.

The first task of leadership is to define reality, but what reality are we defining?

As I travel around the Church I’m finding there are three different understandings of time that are shaping the reality (realities) we live in. This is what makes planning for the future so difficult. It is a bit like being lost and asking an Irishman for directions: “if I were you, I wouldn’t get there starting from here”. Continue reading