I’ve been thinking about posture. My posture. The Church’s posture. I hear the call of Jesus to live humbly, graciously, thankfully, servant-like – no more than servant-like – as servants. I am trying to attend to my posture.

I don’t think anyone owes me anything. I am not entitled to anything. This isn’t about me – life, the day dawning, my ministry, even my salvation. This is all gift. No one owes me a living – not society, not the Church, not God. The Church does not exist to support me as a minister (sometimes I see behaviours that suggest otherwise). For goodness sake, if one day I need to go and get a job that provides me with an income so that I can minister in the Church, that’s fine! Continue reading

Hello World!

The Presbyterian Church has had many incarnations of publications for church leaders: For Ministers Only (1949 – 1957) if you can remember back that far! And then it was Forum which was published from circa 1958-1987, and most recently we have had Candour, which, since 1991, has been a printed (and more latterly online) magazine for Presbyterian ministers and church leaders. As of June 2015, we usher in a new era, with the new Candour blog! Continue reading